Last year toward the end of summer, a client of mine moved due to a shift in his job. Unfortunately, the move was out of my service area and too far to drive. I took care of his two Pugs and his cat 5 days a week. Boopadoo was a young, rambunctious Pug who was full of energy and loved to just run and run. She helped me lose weight as I ran with her around the apartment complex. Cody was a very old Pug who just liked to get out to potty and smell the fresh air and walk a bit in the grass. Kitty was an older cat, but loved to be petted and enjoyed getting her little treat each day. I realized the very first week or so how much I missed them. Today, though, at a Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce First Friday Coffee, I saw my client and we talked about the Pugs and Kitty. Boo now has a yard that she just loves and runs around like crazy. She helps Cody stay in this life as she keeps her on her toes, annoying and playing with her. As we talked, I realized how much these three had become a part of my life for the almost 7 months I took care of them and all their needs. I know my new contractor, Gen, has stayed much longer than the usual allotted time a few mornings for a couple of dogs we watched because they were in a crate all the time. She just wanted them to have fun and run and stretch. I have done the same with some pets that seem to be more lonely than others.  I have operated Creature Comforts for almost 12 years now, so there are even times that I am informed that one of my charges has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I mourn for them because they have become a part of me, just like my own dogs. As a professional pet care provider, we become very attached to our charges and love them like family. I think that is what makes my endeavor in Creature Comforts successful … it is not just a job to us. Your pets are like family to us, and we want them to be happy, comfortable and feel loved.

We are looking forward to the spring and summer rush when our clients go on vacation and we get to see some of the pets that we only see occasionally. Be sure to call us as soon as you know the dates so we can schedule our furry friends into our pet sitting! Thank you for trusting your family with our family!


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