Yesterday, I spent two hours on one yard cleaning up after a Great Dane and two Labradors. While it was a small yard, the owners had not picked up for, what they admittedly said, was four months or so. I literally had a large 33 gallon bag full of pet waste for them to put out in their trash for the next day! There was not a section of grass that was not FULL of dog piles. While it is not a subject that is broached on a regular basis, there are health implications involved in keeping your yard clean and clear of pet waste. Especially if you have larger dogs. I think I touched on this in an earlier post, but dog feces is NOT good for your grass or garden. It is not compostable either. This is because dogs are meat eaters and their waste does not fertilize, but can possible kill your grass. Also, your dogs are, well… they are dogs. They do not care all that much about avoiding previously deposited piles and will walk through them just as easily as step around them. It may not seem like they are bringing anything in, but parasites are microscopic as is the bacteria they can track onto your rug, your sofa, your clothes when they jump on you and your lap, and maybe even your bed. Having someone clean your yard of pet waste weekly is a healthy and wise decision. If you find it a distasteful chore and your kids, even when assigned the task, do not do a good job because they, too, do not like it, you should consider hiring a professional who does this for a living. Creature Comforts will perform the duty and give you an estimate for the first time visit and then it would be a per 45 minute session reasonable rate. We are very thorough and your yard is checked and double checked to be sure all is clear before we leave.  Maybe with a weekly contract, you can once again feel comfortable walking outside in your yard, barefoot in the nice grass without worrying about where you step.


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