Pet Services & Rates

Our pet services and rates can meet any budget!Our pet services and rates are designed to fit any budget!

Creature Comforts provides in home pet services for all types of pets including small mammals (gerbils, hamsters), birds (parrots, parakeets), light livestock (a few horses, cows, goats), reptiles and amphibians, and the usual companion animals – dogs and cats.
If there are services you may need that are not listed – don’t be afraid to ask!   We are here to help you and your pets.


Fees are based on the amount of time it takes to care for the pets and give them attention and love. We commonly spend more time than the minimum, but base rates are as follows:

  • $18 / 30 minute minimum visit (usually 2 – 3 pets)
  • $21 / 45 minute minimum visit (usually 3 – 5 pets)
  • $24 / for a guaranteed 1 hour visit (whether 1 pet or up to 8 pets)

Once we are able to discuss the amount of care and time that your pets will need to ensure their comfort (including more detailed care such as medication, injections, watering outside plants, overnight stays if needed, or if travel to and from your home is a farther distance than our usual area, etc.) a firm rate can be determined.

Clients determine how many visits are necessary for their pets while they are away on vacation and range from one to four visits per day depending on the type of animal and the needs of the animal. (ex. Most cats are fine for one time a day while some inside dogs or medication clients may need 2 -4 visits per day.) P.S. For kitties, the visit includes scooping of litter box once daily.


$18 for up to a 30 minute visit – Usually only 1-2 dogs
$21 – $26   Additional time for longer walks or for more pets resulting in walker making two walks.


Pet transportation to or from groomers, vet or home is $24 per hour, and an additional $5-$10 transportation fee to cover the distance of the travel.


$18/30 minute pickup ($5.00 each additional 15 minutes)
Additional fee if waste is taken off site.

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