Meet the Team

Marcia Kay Foster:Marcia Kay

Marcia Kay started Creature Comforts in 2001 with the goal of keeping pets as comfortable as possible in their normal stress-free routine in their home. She worked as a veterinary assistant for over 3 years and saw firsthand the stresses they could endure while boarding. She enjoys tending to her clients’ pets and making sure they are treated with love, kindness, and lots of attention. Each one of her charges becomes an extension of her own family, and they are very near and dear to her heart. She helped organize a Red Cross Pet Safety course be provided in 2012, so she is certified in Red Cross Pet Safety and First Aid. She has a genuine connection to the pets she cares for and says, “There couldn't be a more satisfying job. The love from the pets is unconditional.”


Heather Kalcic:

Heather's earliest memories of growing up in the country were of stray animals always dumped and added to her home, that was already occupied by multiple cats and dogs. Throughout her whole first half of life, she was more a cat lover coming from generations of cat lovers before. In college, one single dog stole her heart and was her best friend and daughter for the next 12 years. After she had her son in 2002, she found a new career path working with animals. She states, "I get so much satisfaction befriending and caring for pets, especially the ones overcoming adversity and disabilities." Heather has 9 furbabies, all rescues and all overlooked. She's worked for pet care facilities for over 6 years, but now is happy to be caring for pets in their familiar environment. She says, "I'm excited to build positive relationships with more pets and gain their trust on their turf."


Chanda Williams:

Chanda (prounounced "Shonda") is a mother of two young children, and she loves spending time with them and her kitty, Tuff.  She is no stranger to caring for animals, having worked as a zookeeper, an employee at the Department of Natural Resources' Prairie State Park, and at National Audubon Society's Wildcat Glades here in Joplin, Missouri. Her job brought her in contact with native species of animals, giving her the opportunity to educate young minds and care for snakes, lizards, spiders, ferrets, and rabbits, as well as those animals that would not be pets - bison and elk!  She looks forward to caring for your dogs and cats, and other pets as well.



 Cyndi Cogbill:

Animals have always been a part of Cyndi's life. As a child, she brought home several animals until her parents finally let her have a cat. From that first cat, she has had all kinds of critters from dogs, to guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, and chickens. One of her first jobs was working for a registered American Kennel Club kennel where she groomed, fed, exercised, and trained dogs. Cyndi worked for 25 years as a naturalist, first at Missouri State Parks and then at the Missouri Department of Conservation also caring for education animals - reptiles, amphibians, and, fish.


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