I have been on a vacation and have been traveling across the country. It is nice to see people traveling with their dogs, but I see so many difficulties and worries doing so. Many hotels and motels allow pets now, but have a non-refundable deposit. It’s hard to know what the weather will be like as well – we went from 50 degrees in Missouri to 29 degree in Denver, Colorado and having to detour because of snow and closing of I-70 at Vail Pass. Then we go through Utah and Nevada into California. I saw dogs in cars barking desperately with anxiety that they were left in the car. And I here in Oregon it has been almost 70 degrees in the day and dogs are left in cars with the windows up. It is proven that 70 degree weather can raise a car’s temperature to almost 100 degrees – it can be lethal.

I miss my dogs so much while I am gone, but I have good pet sitters (my own sub contractor and my parents) and I know they are so much more comfortable having a pet sitter come by while they are staying at their own home with their own pillows and food and bowls. They are getting lots of attention and love from the pet sitter, and I don’t have to worry about what I am going to do with my furbabies if I want to hike on a no pets trail or eat at a nice restaurant that may take an hour.

I have enjoyed seeing others pets and giving them some love (get my fix, you could say), but traveling with my dogs just doesn’t seem feasible. I think I would worry more about them with me than them being at home with the pet sitter and my parents!


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