Why should I clean my yard of pet waste regularly?

Let’s face it — it’s not the most favorite chore of the household. But here are six good reasons to have your yard picked up at least weekly if not more:

1.  Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT good for your yard. Cats and dogs are meat eaters and their waste does not fertilize your yard.
2.  It won’t get tracked in by you or your kids on your shoes into the house.
3.  It won’t get tracked by your pets on their paws or their fur into the house or onto you if they jump you.
4.  When your dog plays and rolls in the grass, they won’t have the potential of getting it on their fur (unbeknownst to you) and then you put them.
5.  It makes the yard a nice place for the kids or you to play or to hang out.
6.  It looks better and is healthier.

Creature Comforts can pick up all the waste and dispose of it however you like. It would usually be on a contractual basis like once a week, etc. Call if you are interested in a quote – 417-529-6750